March 8, 2018

Cape Gazette Article

In recent events, we’ve been featured in an article by the Cape Gazette! It was released in the February 23rd paper and you can find it at this link.

Going through the rebranding process has been ultra-exciting for us. There’s so much history to reflect on, especially for Matt and his family. We’ve come a long way but changing names, logos, and more has sparked a lot of reminiscence.

Matt used to be a seven-year-old kid who would come into the arcade from the hot sun, slap on a coin belt and ask people if they needed change.


He, Chuck, and the arcade have come a long way!

There’s a ton of history for the arcade to remember. In ’85, Chuck transformed a dark and dingy bowling alley and bathhouse into the first Arcade.

Now there’s 3 of our favorite arcades all within a mile of each other on the boardwalk. Who woulda thunk!

There will be a full history page on our website coming to you soon. In the meantime, you can read our featured Cape Gazette article here. Let us know what you think; we wouldn’t be doing all this without you!

-Solomon at Zelky’s


February 19, 2018

Our First V.I.P. Party

It was such a fun place for the two hours it lasted: Kids cheered. Adults (young and old) were full of smiles. Us employees were even a little giddy!

A little while ago for the first time ever, we made an offer for people to come to a free exclusive V.I.P. party where our staff would shoot video and take pictures for our future website.


We were overwhelmed by the number of applicants. So many people offered to get dressy and camera-ready and for that we are forever grateful!

A videography team came over from Baltimore to get some professional footage of everyone having fun. We just sent over the hard drive to another company for editing!

It’s an exciting time. Energy is high and we’re so pumped for the day when you guys to be able to see all the footage!


January 24, 2018

Working Hard!

We’re doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff for you guys.

A lot of it we can’t talk about yet, sadly, but right now we’ll gladly share with you what we can!


Some epic new stickers just came in! These should be more fade-resistant than our old ones and, in my opinion, the color is a lot better on these. We’re super excited to let you guys sport these stickers– we’re really proud of them!

We’ve also been playing with different types of tokens for the infamous Wizard of Oz game. What do you think of this Dorothy-styled token?

Again, there’s a lot of things happening we can’t talk about yet. But it’s coming, and within the next few months, you’ll really start to see where all our hard work is going!

Many points and much happiness to you,

-Solomon at Zelky’s