The Zelky’s Warehouse done!!

A little Zelky’s Update…

The Zelky’s warehouse is finally complete!! It’s been a longggg time coming to get a place where we can store prizes, receive shipments, and even have employees park their cars before they bike into town for their shifts.

We’ve got office spaces, TONS of storage, heating… The whole sha-bang! We’re working hard at moving our overfill supply there right now. See a photo of the warehouse here!

We’re getting ready to have our best summer ever— hiring supervisors, stocking the best prizes we can find, upgrading out signage, playing around with e-tickets (shhh), tossing around Zelky’s Donut Rings ideas, improving our employee training procedures, et cetera… It’s exciting!!

Question for you: any games you wish we have that we don’t already?! We love going to conferences and events to stay up to date with what’s new, but sometimes these games slip out from under our noses . . . If you have any suggestions, message us! We’d love to hear❤️

We can’t wait for this upcoming summer season and we hope we can see you soon!!

Keep on Trunkin’,

-Solomon at Zelky’s