The Holidays were a BLAST!!


You all blew us away– we had such a blast this holiday break! There were so many smiling faces, laughs, jokes, and wins! Just phenomenal. Trunkloads of fun!! (see what I did there?)

People come from all over the place to visit us in the winter and for good reason– Rehoboth gets into the seasons’ spirit and so do we– we opened our doors for 11 days straight over the holidays, and that’s the longest we’re open outside of the summer season. 11 days and two locations makes for a WHOLE lot of games!

Yep, that’s right– if you really want to have some fun with us, come during late December. Some families visit Rehoboth for a couple days to snatch their swipe cards and play play play! Then they take their swipe cards home with them, bring them back the next time they visit and keep on playing. It’s a thing! But if you missed out on coming during the holidays, we’re open during the weekends and you can see our hours at!

In the meantime, we’re working on some biiiig things over here at the beach! We’re excited to share them eventually, so stay tuned

Keep on Trunkin’,

-Solomon at Zelky’s