All About Elephants!

Did you know male elephants are called Bulls, female elephants are called Cows, and baby elephants are called Calves?

Zelky the Elephant is a pink, friendly elephant. The elephant logo has been with us for over 30 years.

That’s a long time. A loooooong time! Here are some fun facts about elephants that we’ve discovered:

There’s Two Species of Elephant:

There’s many subspecies of elephants, but they all are from two different main species: the African and the Asian elephants.

The African elephant is the one you’ll typically see in pictures or documentaries on the plains of Africa: big ears and massive bodies (sometimes as tall as 13 feet!). If you’re familiar (or old enough), you may have even seen one in the 1930’s Tarzan movies…

The Asian elephant is typically smaller- up to nine feet tall- with smaller ears and eyes. They live in rainforests around midland Asia.

They Have a BIIIIG Appetite.

Just like Zelky the Elephant has a big heart, real-life elephants have a big stomach. They eat bark, grass, roots, and fruit, but they can eat 200-300 POUNDS of it a day! They need the nutrients to be able to operate and keep the muscle in their massive bodies.

Elephants Are Extremely, EXTREMELY Smart!

Elephants travel in Herds led by the mommas of the group while the males wander around by themselves. When a family member dies, elephants mourn for days.

Read this excerpt by Popular Science:

“In Africa, only certain tribes hunt down elephants. Scientists played recordings of a group that does hunt them down and one that doesn’t. When the elephants heard the recordings of the elephant-hunting group, they became fearful and moved away from where the sound was coming from. When they heard the language of the group that doesn’t hunt them down, they didn’t move or change their disposition. Then, researchers played recordings of the language that scared them, but included women, children, and men. The elephants only became fearful when the voice came from men—they do the hunting.”

We owe a lot of respect to the elephant- not only because the elephant is our logo, but because it’s also a wonderful creature we can all be amazed at! The elephant is big and beautiful, just like the gigantic ocean our arcades and donut shop get a front-seat view of.

Zelky the Elephant isn’t just a logo. It’s a symbol that stands for our big heart as a company.

Keep On Trunkin’,

-Solomon at Zelky’s