Summer, Summer, SUMMER!

Our summer is in FULL GEAR! The ocean is beautiful and the boardwalk as alive as ever. Our summer’s been a whole ton of fun; we’re far from getting bored around here!

Something we’ve done the past few years is put a prize wheel out on the boardwalk. Anyone could spin it for free– yes, you could have too- and it was a really fun thing to see all of our guests’ faces light up after they spun it and saw what they won. It would be out every day during the weekday until 2PM.

Because we’ve had so much fun with it in the past we thought we’d bring it out again!! Have you walked by it yet?

As you already know, we’ve been going through a long rebranding process since late winter. It was expected to take a while, but it’s felt so surreal seeing a big piece of our brand start to come together: new overhead signs! Even though we’ve been and will always be the same fun-loving family-friendly arcade, we’re extremely thrilled to be able to pair our brand’s character with a friendlier presentation! We’re in the process of getting new ones for our Central and North locations. How does it look?

You love the Wizard of Oz. We do, too! We happened across a game extremely similar to it: Willy Wonka style!

And because of your feedback of the two we’ve had in the back of our South location for a while, we decided to add a six-sider next to our Wizard of Oz games!! It’s a great modern coin-pusher game with some great new variants to it. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

And, before you ask, we are NOT getting rid of Wizard of Oz!

We’ve been having so much fun with you this summer- all the best to you and yours-

-and happy gaming!

-Solomon at Zelky’s