Dolly the Elephant: a Trip Back in Time

If you’ve ever been to our North location you’ve probably seen Dolly the Elephant out on the boardwalk.

Dolly has been with Zelky’s since the beginning: 1985. Before she came to us she was on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

We’ve heard that Dolly has a history of being a Crime Stopper as well: a long time ago, probably even before 1985, someone had stolen something and was running away from the police down the boardwalk.

Looking behind them for a second, at full speed, the criminal didn’t see Dolly on the boardwalk in front of his path. He tripped, fell, and was caught by the police! Only Dolly’s ear was chipped; we like to call it a battle scar.

She’s a model elephant ride that erupted in the 1950’s, and the model has lasted throughout the years as a classic collector’s ride! We’ve held her as a precious gem for a long time. She’s gone through a lot of restoration and repainting throughout the years.

We’ve heard of many parents taking pictures of their kids on the elephant year after year, growing up from childhood through adulthood, on their yearly trips to our arcade! It’s really priceless to us to hear that people have these traditions!

Check her out next time you’re on the boardwalk- maybe you can start a new family tradition! ?

On the topic of Zelky’s history, check out this video clip of our North location in 1987! Were you around then?

-Solomon at Zelky’s